About Us

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Mission Statement

The Marc Security organization is a team, with every person in the company a player, expected and needed to perform to their fullest capacity.  Marc Security objective is to make a fair profit, achieve sales and budgeting goals, while at the same time remaining committed to quality service and strengthening the connection between its employees and clients.

Capability Statement

Marc Security has grown to the extent where it can compete successfully for a contract of any size.  A smaller company would not have the flexibility, quality of training and ability to offer such a wide range of services.  The national companies tend to be less efficient, and do not have the responsiveness and personal commitment as our locally-owned company.  We offer the best of both worlds.

Meet the Team

The Marc security team of today is made up of motivated people filled with team spirit, proud of the reputation we’ve earned through our commitment to total customer satisfaction, and living up to our motto

Jean Joseph

Founder & CEO

Jean originally founded Marc Security in 2018. Day-to-day, he handles customer acquisition, business growth strategy, and other critical roles.


Vice President

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